Nagaland: Assassination attempts on Naga turf

Nagaland: Assassination attempts on Naga turf


DIMAPUR: Years of ceasefire and loads of talk but solution for the Naga crisis seems a never ending story. High hopes and expectations from two leaders Wangtin and Tikhak struggling hand in glove with Khaplang in whatever way possible. Wangtin and Tikhak belonged to the Tangsang Konyak Naga tribe but this time the political cracks are visible if so true. Even at one point expectation to sign the ceasefire with Myanmar came closer that witnesses from Eastern Nagaland with prominent individuals MLAs, church elders, village and tribal leaders were visible to acceptance with hope.

The strong bond between Khaplang, Wangtin and Tikhak rose to such an extent that Khaplang chose Wangtin to lead the delegation with the higher ups from Myanmar in the year 2012.The return of Niki Sumi altered everything as he managed to convince Khaplang to give added responsibility on collecting revenue from Kohima and other places. In addition to this taxes from vehicle association of Nagaland would fall under his hands. Niki Sumi penetrator effect was pre-planned to break the bond among the family.

The brotherhood relation between Baba Khaplang, Wangtin and Tikhak is seen under threat by the ulterior motive of Niki Sumi. Attempts to assassinate came closer many times but the two leaders went through the razor's edge in 2011 proving once again their loyalty to the Naga people. As for the Tangsang-Konyak family their deep resentment towards Niki Sumi will embroil who for them greed for power got the better of him.

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