Modi ‘E-visited’ Assam police station

Modi ‘E-visited’ Assam police station
GUWAHATI:  The Prime Minister Narendra Modi today made an 'E-Visit' to city's Panbazar police station to review the Centre's Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) project.
The PM made his electronic visit to three police stations in the country through video conferencing. Besides Assam, the PM also interacted with cops in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka today.  The three states were the part of the CCTNS pilot project.
Assam police director general Khagen Sarma viewed that the CCTNS project is on continuous upgradation and has become a successful tool in tracking the criminal records of culprits.
Commissioner of police (Guwahati), Mukesh Agarwal said, "The PM asked how the system is working and helping in cracking various cases in reality.
Modi also enquired about the system's implementation in solving the vehicle theft and missing cases too." 
Modi made the video call to city's Panbazar police station at around 3.45 pm this evening and discussed with the city police for almost 5 minutes.
The conference was done via NICNet, official software of National Informatics Centre (NIC), which is used for PM's video conferences.
(TNT News)

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