Mizoram Governor Aziz Qureshi sacked

Mizoram Governor Aziz Qureshi sacked

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NEW DELHI: Mizoram Governor Aziz Qureshi was sacked on Saturday, the authorities said.

President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday directed that "Aziz Qureshi shall cease to hold the office of the governor of Mizoram and appointed Keshari Nath Tripathi, governor of West Bengal, to discharge the functions of the governor of Mizoram", an official statement said.

Aziz Qureshi was sworn in as Mizoram's sixth Governor on January 9. Mizoram has for the past couple of months been caught in an apparent quit-or-be-shunned row between NDA government and several Governors appointed by the earlier UPA government.

The quick succession of appointments and rejections had caused outrage in Mizoram, with politicians from different parties as well as civil-society members and student unions condemning the state being used as a "dumping ground", and many said it showed "disrespect" towards the Mizo people and the state.

It all began in early July last year when the then Governor Vakkom B Purushothaman quit in protest after he was transferred to Nagaland saying he had not been consulted. In the next six months Mizoram saw Former Gujarat Governor Kamla Beniwal, Former Maharashtra Governor K Sankaranarayanan, V K Duggal then Governor of Manipur, KK Paul, then Governor of Meghalaya come and go till Aziz Qureshi took charge as the new Mizoram Government in this New Year.

Now he will be succeeded for the time being by Keshari Nath Tripathi, governor of West Bengal.

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