Wangala Festival with rituals scheduled for November

Wangala Festival with rituals scheduled for November

TURA | SEPT 14, 2020:

The chairman of the committee responsible for organising the annual 100 Drums Wangala Festival has dismissed media reports claiming that the 2020 festival was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic by stating that the essence of the festival, including rituals, would be held.

"It is surprising to see that section(s) of the press and social media blogs stating that we will not hold the event this year. The statement is misleading and is being circulated by some unscrupulous persons with vested interests. The committee has authorized no individual or group to issue press statements," Hundred Drums Wangala Festival Committee (HDWFC) chairman Loxley R Ch Momin said.

However, Momin also clarified that they have taken no final decision on the matter given the current situation.

"The committee members, however, have unequivocally expressed the view that some basic rituals of thanksgiving festival (Rugala) and 'Sasat Soa' are to be observed, which is the essence of Wangala," he added.

To prove his point, Momin spoke about the Jaintia festival Behdeinkhlam, which went on peacefully this year despite the pandemic.


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