Meghalaya: Body part recovered from Kynshi river in SWKH

Meghalaya: Body part recovered from Kynshi river in SWKH
A severed human leg was recovered from Kynshi river near Langpa village in South West Khasi Hills on October 3.


Two fishermen recovered a human leg from Kynshi river, near Langpa village, in South West Khasi Hills (SWKH) District of Meghalaya on October 3.

According to sources, the SWKH District Administration stated that the body part may have belonged to one Banisha Shangdiar who went missing since the flash flood hit Nongstoin town on September 25.

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SWKH Superintendent of Police, Herbert G Lyngdoh, said that the family members of Banisha Shangdiar were called to identify the body part at Nongstoin Civil Hospital.

While addressing reporters here on Sunday, Beauty Shangdiar, the mother of the missing woman, stated that the severed leg was not her daughter's.

“We can assure that it was not our daughter's leg after we have checked the nails and toes carefully,” she said.

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