Meghalaya: BJP flays Gambegre MLA’s allegations of selective corruption

The Meghalaya BJP said Gambegre MLA Saleng A Sangma's statement of ‘selectiveness in raising corruption issues’ is a revelation of his ‘standard of ignorance’.
Meghalaya: BJP flays Gambegre MLA’s allegations of selective corruption
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The Meghalaya state BJP, on Sunday, flayed the allegations made by Gambegre MLA Saleng A Sangma after he questioned the party’s ‘selectiveness in raising corruption issues’ calling the statement a revelation of his ‘standard of ignorance’.

“Since all central schemes are sanctioned by the BJP government, with certain objectives to the public, the State BJP must monitor the implementation of the schemes,” said party spokesperson and vice president, Bernard Marak.

Marak stated that the BJP was taking up major issues that have affected the development of the state and growth of the people.

“But that does not mean that we are not aware of the smaller irregularities in different constituencies,” he said.

Highlighting the Gambegre MLAs own ‘corruption’, the BJP said that during his MDC days, Saleng took the responsibility to supply computers to the GHADC sanctioned in the name of his close aide, but the computers never reached the GHADC.

“As the MLA of Gambegre constituency, he should not forget that the list of beneficiaries who availed the 25 Lakhs MLA Relief Scheme during Lockdown is missing. It will be interesting to know how the people of Gambegre were cheated with ghost beneficiaries, and how 5 KG of rice issued by the PM, Narendra Modi during Lockdown failed to reach the people. Even schemes for the daily wage earners did not reach people in his constituency,” alleged Marak.

The state BJP added that it had excellent information on corruption and irregularities, which even most MLAs were unaware of, but that the party is focusing on major issues at the moment.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)

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