14 reasons that prove you were a 90s kid in Shillong

14 reasons that prove you were a 90s kid in Shillong


  1. Your first BSNL landline number and you would dial the magic number 161 to fool people. You also had something called a Modem which gave an internet speed at 33.3 kbps.

  1. You knew what load-shedding was and would call up Hydro immediately at 223050 (yes, that's the number) when the lights went out.

  1. You secretly admired Bon Jovi but wanted to dress up like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. However, in your hearts of heart, you liked King Apple, Living High and Voices.

  1. The cordless phone was an object of desire you would have to shout at your siblings and parents to hang up if they eaves-dropped on your calls.

  1. You grew up listening to MLTR and the new boy-bands like Boyzone and Backstreet Boys. You even styled your hair like them. (Remember Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys?) But in your mind, the cool local group was the Voices.

  1. You had a modded Yezdi bike from that shop in Nongrim Hills and wanted a Yamaha RD 350.

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  1. You probably enjoyed your dosas at Chirag and Regal restaurants and a quick bite of Chow and Momo from Norling and Kalsang restaurants.

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  1. Girls' school fetes were meant for all the boys to check out their dream crushes. Girls spent time at Elegance beauty parlour and the boys at Sunshine Saloon.

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  1. You watched the Miss East India fashion show and bumped into celebrities like Luke Kenny and Laila Rouass. You thought VJs like Danny Mcgill were hot and Nonie was cute and attended every fashion show from Ka Lasubon to Miss Shillong to Miss Mawlai.

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  1. You thought Apphira was the coolest local newspaper and regularly bought North East Sun magazines.

  1. You were worried that your Windows 95 was not Y2K compliant and thought that at the turn of the century, all data would be wiped out or go back to 1900. Your MSDOS genius was also a teacher at Aptech in Dhankheti.

  1. Because everything would shut down by 6 pm, you and your friends would have parties which started at 1 pm and closed by 5:30 pm at the latest.

  1. You would be a suspect in the eyes of the CRPF if you were out at 7 pm and worse if you wore a leather jacket.

  1. You never filled your petrol from the Bawri Petrol Pump because there were fears that petrol was adulterated.

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