Meghalaya | We have no specific inputs on ‘regrouping’ of former GNLA cadres: CM

Meghalaya | We have no specific inputs on ‘regrouping’ of former GNLA cadres: CM

By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, Sep 05, 2018: 

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday said that there are no specific inputs with the Government on the reported plan of surrendered GNLA cadres to regroup and return to the jungle.

"I have only seen in the media reports on the regrouping of the surrendered GNLA. We have taken cognizance of the issues highlighted in the media," Conrad told media persons here today.

It may be mentioned that there was a report in a section of the media stating that as many as 45 former rebels have returned to a path of armed struggle following disillusionment with the government over delay in rehabilitation packages.

The story claimed that GNLA cadres have been peeved with the policy of the government wherein only a select group of leaders and cadres were benefiting from the government packages while the rest had been left out.

Talking on the rehabilitation packages to the surrendered GNLA cadres, Chief Minister said that it does take some time to go into the details since the back ground story has to be collected adding that even the Ministry of Home Affairs and other organisations are involved.

"I can assure you that we are very concern about this. Whatever the case may be we will look into the matters in detail. We are doing everything from our side to ensure that the rehabilitation packages based on the guidelines and the law will be given to those people," he stated.

While asserting that law and order is a priority of this Government, Chief Minister said that the Government is on the job in resolving issues relating to the rehabilitation packages.


Conrad said that a large amount of rehabilitation packages were released just recently even for the ANVC (B).

When asked about the offer of the HNLC for an 'unconditional talks" with both the State Government and the Centre, he said that the Government has been very clear from day one that they are ready to speak to anybody provided they lay down their arms and come forward with their offer of unconditional talks.

"If any organisation wants to discuss, they should first lay down their arms. Only then the Government will speak to them," Chief Minister said.


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