Meghalaya: Violation of guidelines in Tura during curfew relaxation worries govt

Meghalaya: Violation of guidelines in Tura during curfew relaxation worries govt

TURA | March 26:

The model adopted by the government to allow grocery shops to reopen to cater to the needs of the public during these trouble times, isn't really working out as people were seen violating the advisory on social distancing in a mad rush to purchase to purchase essential commodities.

The scenes were witnessed in Garo Hills region of Meghalaya where the 6-hour relaxation of curfew in the five districts of the region seems to have taught the different administrators different things.

The District Authorities are now racking their brains in search for an answer on how to ensure supply of essential items continues without the guidelines to fight the spread of COVID – 19 being violated once again as it was this morning.


Tura, which saw the most brazen violations by what is an urban population, has once again gone back to a complete lockdown with only medicine shops to remain open. The deputy commissioner, Ram Singh, through a release this evening, confirmed the development while adding that a home delivery system is being worked out for food and medicines in each locality.

Singh said the markets would remain closed as stocks were being replenished while also talking on the social distancing norms that were not followed this morning in Tura, raising fears of infection. The DC said it necessitated home deliveries/ locality deliveries.


"Local youth are coming forward to do home deliveries of various essential commodities and other food items. Coordination with locality development committees in Tura is being done for locality level demand and deliveries. One team will procure vegetables from rural areas and deliver in various localities in Tura," said the DC.

The DC added that for other parts of WGH, arrangements were being made.

Ram Singh also informed that a team led by Todaniel Sangma (8787590723) will supply essential commodities by home delivery in Tura. He further requested other youths to come forward to join Sangma. Further for medical supplies, three names have been put forward by the DC – Arun Agarwal – 9856035930, Bimal Jain – 9436313135 and Dashrat Naya – 7005108299.


Other Districts

In SWGH, the DC, RK Chitturi stated that they were looking at grocery stores within localities as an alternative to opening the main markets of Ampati, Mahendraganj, Betasing etc.

"Grocery shops and medical stores will be allowed to open locality wise in consultation and with support from their management committees. Some shops can also open on alternate days as well," said the DC.

Meanwhile the EGH administration added that grocery shops and pharmacies would remain open daily in order to stop any form of panic buying and future crowding.  DC, Swapnil Tembe said that teething problems relating to stock have been sorted and as per guidelines, essential shops would be allowed.


A similar relaxation for grocery and medicine stalls would be in place in rural markets of the district too.

The situation is expected to be the same for NGH as well as has been confirmed by the DC, SC Sadhu.

SGH DC, Hubert B Marak said that delivery of vegetables and other essential goods would be undertaken locality wise in the town to avoid people from venturing out into markets. The delivery would depend on the availability and need. Pharmacies however would remain open.

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