Meghalaya Uranium Mining: NGO demands actions against UCIL officials

Meghalaya Uranium Mining: NGO demands actions against UCIL officials

SHILLONG: The Langrin Youth Welfare Association on Tuesday demanded the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) to take strong actions against the Chairman and the Managing Director of the UCIL for floating a tender for mining uranium in South West Khasi Hills.

Expressing their opposition against UCIL's tender in their memorandum which was submitted to the KHADC CEM PN Syiem on Tuesday, the LYWA demanded the KHADC to resist from granting NOC to Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL).

"Year in and year out, we have been demanding the company to "go away and forget the uranium mining at PhotKylleng Pyndensohiong Mawthabah" in the state of Meghalaya," LYWA president BS Lyngdoh said here on Tuesday.

"We have been saying "No to Uranium mining in our state" for the past many years now," said Lyngdoh adding that the association along with the people firmly stand together to oppose tooth and nail the billet-doux and the rubbish sweet bier tactics of the company by allotting the injector two-lane road PHASE-A of SARDP-NE to facilitate uranium mining in the state of Meghalaya.

Furthermore, Lyngdoh said that if the District Council does not intervene into the matter, various unwanted circumstances will emerge and "The result will be an unpleasant state of affair within Langrin areas and the state as a whole state."

The LYWA has also demanded the KHADC to set aside the tender notice No: UCIL/KPM/MEGHALAYA -002 Expression of Interest (EOI) dated July 2 2016.

The association also demanded for the immediate cancellation of the two lane Road Phase A of SARDP- NE. "The KHADC should stop and immediately cancel all the propose activities of the UCIL at Phodkylleng Pyndensohiong Mawthabah," said the LYWA president said.

"We urge the KHADC to take strong action against the UCIL by not allowing the UCIL to carry out its propose works to mine the Uranium from Phodkylleng Pyndensohiong – Mawthabah within South West Khasi Hills District," Lyngdoh said.

Urging the KHADC to intervene and take strict action against the UCIL, Lyngdoh said that the KHADC should act now to ensure that the rights of the indigenous people is not affected and as to ensure normal situation exist within the area and in the state.

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