Meghalaya: Shocking revelations of militants vs Police nexus!

Meghalaya: Shocking revelations of militants vs Police nexus!

In one of the shocking revelations about the nexus between the militants and police came to light when one of the senior surrendered GNLA leaders revealed this scribe that they ,the police were always in touch with them and it was always in their know how about their movements.

The most shocking disclosure was of one that, of some of the SOT personells who were scheduled and put on duty would have either inform the militants about their operative positions or caution the militants to be careful in advance so that they would not by mistake make head on face to face.

According to the version of some surrendered militants even the senior police officers(names withheld) had always close contacts with them and they together with the help of some politicians and church leaders assured help to work out clandestinely so that they could surrender safely .

Now the questions is why police instead of arresting these dreaded criminals were instrumental in paving a cool safe passage to the militants the sources asked to know.

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