Meghalaya: NGOs rally in support of Garo Customary Law Bill

Meghalaya: NGOs rally in support of Garo Customary Law Bill

TURA, Apr 3: Drawing flak from various quarters, since the codification of Garo Customary Law (GCL) Bill passed by the National People's Party led EC. Various NGOs of East Garo Hills, which included the GSU, FAF, AIGU, ICFS and AAYF came out in support of the codification of Garo Customary Law (GCL) Bill.

The controversial Bill, ever since its passing by the GHADC has literally divided the Garo society.

Hitting out at the All Achik Citizen's Forum (AACF) on allegations of name calling, the NGOs condemned the language used against the MDCs for passing the Bill.

"GHADC is a democratic and constitutional body under the Constitution of India, representing lakhs of people for their protection, safeguarding and upliftment of customs, traditions, language, and culture. How dare they call our representatives morons? Do they represent the interest of all Achik people of Garo Hills, said general secretary of GSU, EGH, Tattara Marak

"This forum is frustrated and reacted for the best reasons known to them. Their identity is in crisis as per as the GCL," he added.

"We pure Garo's do not entertain the idea of being a minority and don't want to increase population through canceric germs in Achik cells. Quality is better than quantity. Let these frustrated few repent their sins and cooperate with us," added the release the NGOs.

The NGOs stated that the representatives of the GHADC were duly elected and thus represented them while also calling the AACF a fake elitist group of people unknown to the people of Garo Hills with the exception of their own circle.

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