Meghalaya: Mumbai activist blows whistle on dog meat trade in Shillong!

Meghalaya: Mumbai activist blows whistle on dog meat trade in Shillong!

MUMBAI: Two stray dogs in Meghalaya were saved from being clobbered to death after a Mumbai-based animal rights activist alerted the police in the northeastern state on Friday about the impending savagery.

Activist Meet Ashar, who works for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA India) in Mumbai, learnt that a man had captured two stray dogs and kept them at a house to kill them and sell the meat.

"I contacted the police chief of Meghalaya, SK Jain, who then directed his men to take prompt action. It led to the arrest of one man and the rescue of the dogs," said Ashar. "We're thankful to the Meghalaya police for their cooperation."

Police chief of East Khasi Hills district, Vivek Syiem, told TOI that with help from a local NGO, Stray Animal Rescue Society, they raided the spot and arrested a Shillong resident, Ropeklien Hmar, and weapons used to kill dogs were seized from him.

Ashar said that the accused often clobbered dogs with a hammer and sell the meat. "The local police sent a decoy customer to inquire about dog meat prices. He was told by Hmar that he could get one kilo for Rs160 or an entire dog's meat would cost Rs1,000. This was clandestinely recorded on video with the help of local activists," said Ashar

The Meghalaya police are likely to make more arrests in the case. A criminal offence has been filed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act for illegal dog meat trade.

 A Peta volunteer said that this expose by their activist shows how mute, innocent animals are killed for monetary gain. "Dogs who are our 'best friends are not spared. Such cruelty has to stop."
(Source: Times of India)

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