Meghalaya: Mukul admits that NPP is a ‘formidable’ opponent

Meghalaya: Mukul admits that NPP is a ‘formidable’ opponent

SHILLONG | March 22, 2019:

Congress candidate for the Tura Parliamentary seat, Dr Mukul Sangma on Friday said that the NPP has taken the place of other regional parties in the State even as he admitted the NPP is now a formidable opponent of the Congress party.

"It is time for the regional parties to have a re-look if they would prefer to work with the Congress or NPP," Dr Mukul said while speaking to reporters here today.

According to him, the regional parties like the UDP needs to understand the ground reality of politics.

"The NPP is a party with a regional outlook and therefore it has replaced the spaces which is there for the UDP. Therefore, it is important for the UDP to align with the party which is in the same platform or a national party like the Congress," he said.

Stating that prior to 1999 after late PA Sangma left the party, he said that the Congress had to start from the scratch from 2003. 

"Despite all this, the Congress had managed to form the Government in 2008 which lasted its full term. And this shows that the Congress will remain there amid the ups and down," he said.

The former Chief Minister said that it is important for the people of the State to recognize and identify the agents of the BJP.

"The BJP is using these agents to weaken the Congress," former Chief Minister said.

While citing an example of Assam Cabinet Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, he said that the Shraddha and Louis Berger case were not an issue for the leader after Himanta joined the BJP. 

"It is important for the citizens of this country to vote for pro-people Government. They should not vote for the party which imposes its idea on the people and does not care for the sentiments of the people should be thrown out," he said.

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