Meghalaya: “MLAs consider single parents as their vote banks”, claims activist Michael Syiem
Meghalaya: “MLAs consider single parents as their vote banks”, claims activist Michael Syiem

SHILLONG: Maitshaphrang Convener, Michael Syiem staged a sit-in-demonstration alone in front of the Main Secretariat here in Shillong holding a placard which read "Frame rules for the Meghalaya Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act 2012- Maitshaphrang", to protest against the adamant attitude of the State government to frame the rules of the Marriage Act which is still pending with the State cabinet.

The one man army, Syiem questioned the intentions of the State government in its delay to frame the rules of the Marriage while referring to this act as a weapon to curb the increasing number of single parents in the entire state.

"This act is the need of the hour as Meghalaya is burdened with many problems associated with the absence of a stringent law to ensure the financial security of the single mothers," Syiem said while stating that the government should have taken up this matter as a top priority.

He also mentioned that this Marriage Act should be implemented side by side with the equitable distribution of property to ensure that the men are subjected to pay the maintenance amount to his spouse at the same time, to ensure that he has his fair share.

Meanwhile, the social activist also slammed the local representatives of the state who follows the trends of distributing money to single parents stating that if this act is implemented and put into place, the single parents wouldn't need to go begging for help from the local MLAs.

Reacting to a query, Syiem said that the main reason why they (MLAs) don't want to spear head this movement is because they fear that may lose their votes, "As they consider the single parents as their vote banks," he added.

"If they want to keep this act in abeyance, they shouldn't have created the act in the first place," Syiem said adding that the need of the hour is for the people to understand the importance of this act and come forward to demand for the same.

Syiem also mentioned that if the government continues to remain silent on the matter, he will be forced to resort to other stringent actions.

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