Meghalaya: Mairang MDC elected as new KHADC Dy Chairman unopposed

Meghalaya: Mairang MDC elected as new KHADC Dy Chairman unopposed

Shillong, July 20, 2018:

The United Democratic Party (UDP) MDC from Mairang, Equator L Nongrang was elected to the post of the Deputy Chairman of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) unopposed.

Nongrang, who was the official nominee of the Khasi Hills Democratic Alliance (KHDA), was elected to this crucial position in the Council after PDF MDC from Mawshynrut and People's Democratic Alliance (PDA) nominee, Morningstar Mawsor had withdrew his nomination just ahead the special session here today.

Pro-tem chairperson Teilinia Thangkhiew told the House that Mawsor had withdrew his nomination which meant that Nongrang has been elected to the post of Deputy Chairman unopposed.

After skipping the election of Council Chief Executive Member, the 12 MDCs of the PDA yet again were missing from the House even today. Interestingly, some of the MDCs of the PDA were present in the premises of the Council when the special session was going on.

However, 2 out of 17 members of the KHDA also did not attend the election as well. These include Hill State People Democratic Party (HSPDP) member Samlin Malngiang, who is also a cabinet minister, and KHNAM MDC Adelbert Nongrum.

Speaking to reporters after the election, KHADC chief Hispreaching Son Shylla termed the decision of PDA members to abstain from the House as an 'unhealthy practice'.

"Despite coming to the district council they (PDA members) chose to abstain from the House which is not a healthy practice," he said.

Also slamming the attitude of the PDA, HSPDP member and former KHADC chief Manstudy Nongrem said, "I feel from now onwards the PDA members should not be referred to as opposition members but as abstain members."

Nongrem said that he is also expecting that the PDA members will also abstain the upcoming summer session of the Council to be held on July 25 and it is for the people to judge and answer such irresponsible elected representatives.

Meanwhile, elated by his victory, the newly elected deputy chairman assured that he would give his best while performing the duty of the chair.

'I will ensure that the interest of all the members is protected," he added.

It may be mentioned that Nongrang was elected as Mairang MDC in the KHADC bye-elections held in 2016 following the resignation of six MLAs resigned as MDCs following the passing of the Prevention of Disqualification (Members of Legislative Assembly) (Amendment) Act 2015 which seeks to end the culture of holding dual posts by MLAs.

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