Meghalaya: KHADC amendment of Sixth Schedule

Meghalaya: KHADC amendment of Sixth Schedule

SHILLONG: The KHADC is contemplating to convene a meeting of all the CEM of the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) in the North Eastern Region to have a consensus stand on the proposed draft amendment of the Sixth Scheduled of the Constitution of India.

"We will bring all the ADCs of the region on board to have united stand on the proposed amendment of the Sixth Scheduled," KHADC CEM Pynshngaiñ N Syiem told newsmen after an All Political Party meeting.

He further said that after arriving consensus, they can also think in terms of having a delegation of the CEMs of the ADCs in the region to meet the Union Cabinet Minister and Minister of State (MoS) in charge of Ministry of Home Affairs to place their views and suggestion on the final draft amendment.

According to him, the meeting also to deliberate on the failure of the 14th Finance Commission to include the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) for fund allocation.He also added that before convening the meeting of all the CEMs, they would first convene the meeting of all three ADCs of the State.

Meanwhile, KHADC CEM has slammed the State Government for failing to brief the three ADCs whether they have incorporated their views on the proposed draft amendment."So far, there is no communication from the State Government whether they have incorporated the views and suggestion of the Council on the proposed amendment," Syiem said.

The council had expressed this after it received information about the recent communication by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to the state government on the proposed final draft amendment of the Sixth Schedule.It may be mentioned that the KHADC had already submitted its views on the matter for consideration of the state government in 2013, when the first draft amendment was proposed by the MHA.

"It is the prerogative of the State Government to incorporate our views on the proposed amendment,but I am strongly concern on this adamant attitude of the Government to brief us on the status of this matter," he said

Meanwhile, he informed the meeting attended by all the 30 MDCs of the Council has also resolved to shoot a reminder letter to the state government on the status of our proposal.

One of the major suggestions submitted by the KHADC was the demand for 'exemption' of Para 3 of Paragraph 12 (a), which talks about issues related to 'Land' and 'Customs' from the Sixth Schedule.

"In the first draft amendment to the Sixth Schedule, it has indirectly proposed to exempt para 3 of Paragraph 12 (a) but now it is learnt that in the proposed final draft, this proposal has been withdrawn," the CEM said.

According to him, the council however felt that there is a need to exempt this clause to ensure that issues related to land and custom are exclusive subject under the legislative powers of the council."At present, this clause, we can say is a main hindrance to the council if it wants to come up with legislation since the state law will always prevail over it," Syiem said.

Besides the earlier proposals, the meeting also decided to submit additional views and suggestions on the final draft amendment.

"As a preparation to this, we have also requested all the 30 MDCs to submit their views and suggestions to my office (CEM) before June 25," he said.

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