Meghalaya Garobadha dacoity case update: Victim loses fight with life

Meghalaya Garobadha dacoity case update: Victim loses fight with life

TURA, March 23: The Garobadha dacoity case has turned into a tragic loss for a family fighting for justice. 55 year old victim of the brutal dacoity case, Tapan Ghosh, of the village of Garobadha, which left 5 people seriously injured, lost his battle with life after suffering for the past two months with serious head injuries.

Tapan Ghosh, whose entire family was attacked by a gang of dacoits towards the end of January, lost his life this morning at about 5 am in the town of Dhekiajuli in Assam where was taken to recuperate by his family.

Ghosh had been injured after being hit on his head with a 'khukri' leaving him in a serious state. The case of dacoity had become sensational due to the slow reaction of the police, which took about 90 minutes to reach a stone's throw distance. The five injured in the family were quickly rushed to Guwahati for medical care where Tapan Ghosh was immediately put under intensive care due to the extent of his injuries.

An emotional son, Tapash Ghosh, who was with his family along with his father called to inform about the death. "He had not been responding to treatment and doctors had given up even after he spent about a month in the ICU. He went through two brain surgeries but was still not responding to treatment. While in the initial days after coming out of hospital he was able to recognize us, the past few days were bad. We had lost hope of him recovering," said Tapash over phone from Dhekiajuli in Assam.

The Ghosh family had literally spent their life's earnings after their entire house was looted. An amount of over Rs 18 lakhs was spent by the family though only an amount of Rs 1 lakh was provided by the administration.

While initially no case was registered by the police, after the matter went viral, a DSP led investigation into the matter began though there is yet to be a breakthrough achieved in the case itself. Condemnation however had poured in from various quarters including the NPP, UDP and local NGOs who sought compensation for the victims.

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