Meghalaya: ‘Do not create disharmony in Garo Hills’ – Tura NGOs on demand for separate AC

Meghalaya: ‘Do not create disharmony in Garo Hills’ – Tura NGOs on demand for separate AC

From Our Correspondent | Tura, July 20, 2018

NGOs of Tura today lambasted the demand for a separate Autonomous Council (AC) calling the same as untenable.

"We reject the demand by several organizations from the Hajong, Rabhas, Kochs, Boro-Kacharies and Mann tribes for a separate District Council," said the GSU, FKJGP, ADE and AYWO from Tura.

The NGOs called the demand for a separate AC as unfounded, irrational and unreasonable.

"They do not have the population to demand for a separate AC or even reservation within the existing district council. Regarding the job reservation policy, these organizations are barking up the wrong tree. If they want more reservation in government jobs, they should rather approach the state/central governments," said the release by the NGOs.

The NGOs objected to the demand for job reservation at a time when the GHADC is struggling to pay more than a year's wages saying this comes at a time when the GHADC is possibly contemplating a blanket ban on appointments given the current situation. They also objected to job reservation as it would set a bad precedent for all ACs.

Another point of objection was concentrating powers on Gaonburas (village headmen) instead of the traditional Nokmas. The NGOs stated that such a move would not be tolerated.

"The Garo community has always respected other STs living in Garo Hills but such unacceptable demands by a few group of people is testing the patience of the otherwise tolerant Garos," felt the NGOs.

The NGOs further called the organizations as working to create disharmony in Garo Hills and considered the demand a provocation.

"These organizations should be rooted out of Garo Hills if harmony is to be expected. We have in the past vehemently opposed the participation of non-tribal in the GHADC yet, never have these organizations questioned the participation of other STs in the GHADC elections. The current insensitive actions of a few unscrupulous organizations is forcing us to reconsider our stand on who should be legitimate voters and contestants in GHADC elections," felt the NGOs.

The NGOs further added that they would never allow any of the organization (who they called shady) to come to fruition.

"We also seek explanation from the leaders of these communities whether they support the demands of these organizations or otherwise. We will construe silence of these leaders as being in support of those organizations and we will act accordingly," threatened the NGOs.

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