Meghalaya: Dacoits terrorize Garobadha once again!

Meghalaya: Dacoits terrorize Garobadha once again!

TURA, MARCH 22 2017: The small village of Garobadha and its neighbouring places came into focus once again after another group of 5-6 armed and masked dacoits attacked two houses in two different villages.

However the attackers this time were in for a nasty surprise after one of the victims of the dacoity hit back and stabbed one of the culprits.

The latest case of dacoity comes close on the heels of the brutal attack on a family which left 5 persons injured in the village of Garobadha.

According to sources, a group of 5-6 men armed with daggers and swords firstly laid siege on the house of the Nokma of Mangapara where they were repelled from the village after an alarm was raised by the villagers. The first attack occurred at about 12 am.

After their failure at the first house, allegedly the same group then
attacked the house of one Morenga Hajong in the village of Dapgre,
about 10 kms from Garobadha. The dacoits attacked Hajong's house at about 2:30 am.

"They attacked the house with daggers and knives and initially managed to subdue Hajong. However he was able to get hold of a knife and stabbed one of the dacoits in the stomach. The following melee as well as injury to one of their partners led the group to beat a hasty retreat from the house," said a police source.

Hajong however suffered minor injuries from the attack. Police sources also confirmed that all the dacoits wore masks and intentionally spoke in Hindi though the group is suspected to be from neighbouring Assam. However all the suspects were able to evade being caught.

Meanwhile Garobadha went into panic mode after some people reported a few suspicious movements. The news of the sightings spread like wildfire with the entire village doing a complete search along with the Garobadha police team to find the group. However the search did not yield any result as no suspect could be found even after an extensive search.

Source: TNT News

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