Meghalaya: Controversy erupts in Garo Hills over ‘illegal repair’ of AMPT road

Meghalaya: Controversy erupts in Garo Hills over ‘illegal repair’ of AMPT road

TURA | Dec 26, 2018:

The usage of old stones by a contractor awarded to repair a dilapidated road in West Garo Hills has evoked criticisms and raked controversy as people termed the act as "illegal repair" to fool the people.

The shocker came to light after local residents caught the company red handed in the act and sought answers to what was happening.  

Meanwhile labourers as well as the incharge of the contractor blamed the PWD overseer of forcing them to use the old stones in repairing the road.  

The AMPT road has been left unattended creating difficulty for most of the residents as huge potholes have left the road close to impossible to travel through. The road has had little repair work done since it was completed and the current repair contract was a welcome move.

However the quality of the repair work being done has left a lot to be desired.

The section of road under question has apparently been awarded to MP Agarwala with the company being caught using damaged stones near New Bhaitbari.

"We took videos of the labourers using damaged stones in their repair work and when we questioned them, they informed that the PWD overseer (identified as one Mahabul) had abused them for not using the old stones. They were apparently being forced to do so in an effort to maximize profits," said Mostapha Kabir, a resident of New Bhaitbari.

Apparently the manager of the company was also named by labourers who said they were asked to use the old stones in repair work.

"How can the PWD Overseer encourage using old stones for repair? Is he not aware of the state of the road? We want action against all those who are not only encouraging this illegal repair but using sub standard quality of materials," added Kabir.

The matter was immediately informed to the deputy commissioner of WGH, Ram Singh, who promised to look into the matter urgently and take stock of the situation. Further, residents have been encouraged to file an FIR on the matter so that legal action could also be taken against the guilty parties.

When contacted on the matter, the Overseer in question denied the allegations made by the labourers adding that it would be impossible to do so as the people would not allow it.

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