Meghalaya CM hits back at Kohli, says BJP is still in Euphoria

Meghalaya CM hits back at Kohli, says BJP is still in Euphoria

SHILLONG: A day after Senior BJP leader Nalin Kohli predicted the possible chances for the Mukul Sangma-led Congress Government in Meghalaya to succumb before its full term; Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma on Wednesday hit back stating that this government is not all at the mercy of Kohli or the BJP.

"When has Meghalaya seen any other government other than the Congress except for a brief period of time?" Dr Sangma said adding that the congress will continue to stay in power for many years to come.

"The BJP is still in euphoria over congress's defeat in Assam. There is no reason for them to have this euphoria too long. It is time for them to talk about the development of the state and the region as a whole, the same of which is a culmination of the long-drawn effort of the congress party," Dr Sangma said.

Questioning Kohli or any other BJP leaders' knowledge about the state or the region as a whole, the chief minister said "What does Kohli know about Meghalaya or about the development of the state. He visits the state for one day, and he thinks he know everything about the state."

"As a party leader, he (Kohli) is bound to make this comment, otherwise he will be sacked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi," Dr Sangma said in a joking yet sarcastic manner.

He exhorted that Meghalaya is moving ahead in various aspects and this is a sign of prosperity and progress adding that the entire NE is developing be it in aviation sector or railways sector, "And this all these is an offshoot of the congress agendas," the chief minister said.

When asked why the congress party is losing in almost every states, Dr Sangma said that the people are thick-skin, "they need to be reminded of the work and initiatives taken by the congress led government. Take Assam for example, when Tarun Gogoi came to power, development in Assam started picking pace but it seems people have short memories, they need to be reminded time and again."

Throwing back at the BJP for its confidence to overthrow the congress party in Meghalaya as is done in Assam, the chief minister said as far as Meghalaya is concerned, "You will not find people who can connect with the BJP's ideologies."

Reacting to speculations on the eagerness of regional parties to forge an alliance with the BJP, Sangma said "How will they (regional parties of Meghalaya and BJP) create an alliance without contradictions when each has conflicting agendas."

Meanwhile, expressing confidence that the congress will come back to power in the 2018 general elections, Dr Sangma said the congress party has time-tested principles based on the diverse nature of the nation to sustain democracy. "Just because the Congress lost by a huge margin to NPP during the Tura By-polls, it doesn't mean that the same trend will be repeated in the assembly elections," he said.

Further he said that different elections are driven by different agendas while adding "NPP will be buried in the 2018 Assembly elections."

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