Meghalaya ADC Polls’ result: MDA constituents likely to form EC in KHADC, JHADC

Meghalaya ADC Polls’ result: MDA constituents likely to form EC in KHADC, JHADC

SHILLONG | March 02, 2019:

The counting comes to a close on Saturday as winners and supporters celebrate their big win today. Both the councils went to polls on February 27. As many as 131 candidates are vying for the 29 seats each in KHADC and JHADC.

Just moments after the Congress approached the UDP seeking its support to form the Executive Committee in the KHADC, UDP president, Donkupar Roy hinted at the possibility of forming the EC with the support of the allies of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance — NPP, HSPDP and PDF. 


3:00 pm:

Finally, counting to the Mawphlang-Diengiei has come to a close with INC candidate, Lamphrang Blah emerging as the winner. He defeated his closest opponent — Khamshai Lyngdoh by 689 votes. His victory has taken the final tally of the Congress to 10.

Final Tally: KHADC


Final Tally (JHADC)


1:42 pm:

With the counting completed for all the seats in both KHADC and JHADC baring Mawphlang-Diengiei, the total tally indicate that the Congress secured highest number of seats in KHADC standing at a total of 9 seats followed by NPP with 7 seats, while in JHADC, the UDP and NPP bagged the highest number of 11 seats each.

1:30 pm:

Jowai North (JHADC) and Mawphlang-Diengiei (KHADC) constituencies counting could not be completed as there appears to be some problem with the control unit of one of the EVMs. DCA will decide whether or not to conduct a re-poll.

1:23 pm:

With only one seat left to be announced for KHADC — Mawphlang Diengiei, INC's Lamphrang Blah is still leading while PDF's Auspicious Lyngdoh Mawphlang is trailing.

In Mawlai, Independent candidate, Teibor Pathaw secured victory after defeating his closest competitor — Marbud Dkhar from INC by a margin of 6513 votes.

12: 20 pm:

Trends in KHADC:

Partywon leadtotal

Trends in JHADC

INC 314

12:00 noon:

In JHADC, UDP's Sankey Shangpung wins Bataw Lakadong, NPP's Jesse Suiam wins Ummulong Moodymmai, Independent candidate Lakhon Dkhar wons Sohmynteng Khliehtyrshi, Independent candidate Ailad Bhoi wins Mukhla Wahiajer, INC's Aiborlang Shadap wins Barato Mukroh, INC's Arbor Hima Darnei wins Saipung, Independent candidate Richard Singh Lyngdoh wins Sutnga Nongkhlieh, UDP's Lasky Rymbai wins Tuber, UDP's Winning G Sungoh wins Mowkaiaw, NPP's Robinus Syngkon wins Raliang, UDP's J Treilang Suchiang wins Shangpung, NPP's Thombor Shiwat wins Nartiang Umladang, NPP's Ruda Ioo Tang wins Shiliang Myntang, UDP's Lakhon Biam wins Nongbah, NPP's Eveningstart Teron wins Nongjngi, USP's Finelynes Bareh wins Rymbai-Khliehriat, NPP's Seiborlang Shadap wins Sutnga-Narwan, UDP's Emlangky Lamare wins Narpuh.

11: 47 am:

The Congress and the NPP are fighting neck to neck in both the district councils. While the Congress is leading with KHADC, NPP is ahead of the other parties in KHADC.

In Mawsynram, NPP's Alvin Khyriem Sawkmie won by 1450 votes. In Mawlai, though counting is still on after one of the EVMs reportedly developed a technical snag, it is however evident that independent candidate, Teibor Pathaw will emerge victorious since he is ahead of his competitors — Marbud Dkhar of the Congress and Embhahlang Syiemlieh of the UDP by a huge margin. INC's Batskhem Ryntathiang wins Mairang-Nongkhlaw while UDP's Jambor War wins Pariong-Mawthadraishan.

11:42 am:

UDP's Ricky Shullai lost Laban-Mawprem seat to NPP's Mitchel Wankhar. The latter defeated the sitting MDC by 19 votes.

11:36 am:

HSPDP secured its second win in Mawkynrew after former MLA Martle Mukhim defeated Amanda A Pakyntein of the PDF by 1245 votes. In Umroi, Rangkynsai Kharbuki of the NPP defeated INC's Micky Syiem by 161 votes.

11:29 am:

Congress secured its 7th seat in the KHADC after party candidate Charles Marngar secured victory in Mawhati. In Nongpoh, INC secured Victory after Balajied Ranee defeated UDP's Rona Khymdeit. In Jirang, NPP's Victor Ranee won by 6401.

11:15 am:

PDF's Macdalyn Sawkmie Mawlong wins Umsning after defeating former MDC, Donkupar Sumer from the UDP and INC's Rocky Augustine Marwein. USP's Ryngkatlang Lyndem wins Lyngkyrdem-Laitkroh constituency.

11:07 am:

Former KHADC CEM and ex-PDF leader, Pynshngain N Syiem of the NPP defeated his closest competitor, James Ban Basaiawmoit of the PDF by 240 votes in Mawkhar-Pynthorumkhrah constituency.

10:57 am:

INC's Gabriel Wahlang wins Nongstoin, INC's Bajop Pyngrope wins Rambrai Jyrngam, NPP's Gigur Myrthong wins Mawshynrut, UDP's Lasky Rymbai wins Tuber, UDP's Teinwell Dkhar wins Shella, Independent candidate, Lambok Malngiang wins Nongkrem, NPP's Pyniaid Sing Syiem wins Sohryngkham, Congress' Grace Mary Kharpuri wins Nongshken and INC's Carnes Sohshang wins Mawkyrwat.

10:50 am:

Congress secured its win in Laitumkhrah-Malki and in Mylliem constituency. Fantin Joseph Lakadong defeated UDP's Antonio War and former minister, Ronnie V Lyngdoh defeated PDF's Teilinia Thangkhiew.

10:33 am:

The Lion makes a loud roars after Sherborlang Mawlong of HSPDP emerged victorious in Nongspung-Sohiong constituency. In Jaiaw constituency, former MLA and UDP's Paul Lyngdoh defeated his competitors and emerged victorious.

10:20 am:

Meanwhile, in JHADC, NPP candidate Het Pohthmi wins War West constituency securing 3618 votes, INC's Holando Lamin wins War Central constituency and secured a total number of 3442 votes. Meanwhile, in War East, former JHADC CEM and UDP candidate, Lamdibok Sumer suffered defeat in the hands of NPP's Gillroy Tariang.

10: 17 am:

Nasar Marwein of UDP wins Langrin constituency.

10:10 am:

Independent candidate, Teibor Pathaw is leading by a huge margin in Mawlai constituency leaving behind his competitors — former MLA and UDP's Embhahlang Syiemlieh and Congress' Marbud Dkhar. Pathaw is leading by 5449 votes.

10: 05 am:

INC's Fantin Lakadong is leading by over 1400 votes in Laitumkhrah-Malki and INC's Ronnie Lyngdoh is ahead of the others by over 2000 votes in Mylliem constituency. HSPDP Candidate Martle Mukhim is leading by 1400 plus votes while Sports' Minister Banteidor Lyngdoh's wife and PDF candidate, Amanda Pakyntein is trailing in Mawkynrew.

9:50 am:

In an interesting competition between two former KSU leaders — Paul Lyngdoh and Auguster Jyrwa, the former, a candidate of INC is leading in while UDP's Paul, a former MLA, is trailing behind in Jaiaw constituency,

Meanwhile, in Mawlai constituency, independent candidate, Teibor Pathaw is leading by 1400 votes.

9: 45 am:

UDP candidate, Ricky Shullai is leading in Laban-Mawprem constituency. While INC's Grace Mary Kharpuri and PDF's Teilinia Thangkhiew are trailing from Nongshken and Mylliem constituency respectively, Congress candidate Balajied Ranee is leading from Nongpoh.

8: 00 am:

Counting begins at 8 am this morning.

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