Meet Neingupe Marhu, a constable who facilitated positive change in Nagaland!

Meet Neingupe Marhu, a constable who facilitated positive change in Nagaland!
When some can only sit back and talk about the accumulation of waste and how harmful it can be for the environment, meet this man who literally stepped into those muddy shoes to keep the surrounding clean.
Soon after the town dumper truck became dynfunctional, Neingupe at the drop of a hat initiated his approach to keep his town clean.
His unconditional effort cannot go unheeded.
This interview is to encourage this noble man further and also to enlighten other citizens as well.
TNT- Tell us something about yourself?
I am Neingupe Marhu, 28years old employee of Nagaland Police.
I am from Lasumi village under phek district, nagaland and i live in a small, beautiful and the highest altitude town called Pfutsero. I have a wife and a 3 and half years old son.

TNT: How would you define cleanliness?

Cleanliness is not just keeping myself clean and my house hold clean. Cleanliness is something that i see with my eyes should be clean.

TNT: What prompted you to transform your personal van to a public dumper van ?

You will not believe me but since the town dumper truck became dysfunctional for days and weeks, the whole town and the whole surroundings is in a mess, I could see  waste and trashes pilling up everywhere and only then is when I realized that it's each and everyone of us responsibility to do it. And these thoughts let me convert my van into a dumper van to help the people and to keep my town clean.

TNT:  Initially when you started extending your hand, did you get any support from the community?

The first day when i started collecting trashes people were laughing at me and my van, even my wife asked me to stop it and many people think that i am into business which makes me very sad and at the time very funny.
There is an NGO called Kalos society which is doing commendable services to the society, the group came up, supported me and encouraged me to a level which i cannot forget it. The kalos society is a very big inspiration to let me continue my work till today.
People are happy now and they donate me 10 to 50rs for my petrol to continue the job.

His guard dog accompany him as long as he works

TNT:  Do you have any idea about Swacch Bharat Mission?

Heard of it but seriously dont know what is it for.

TNT: How do you juggle two things at the same time?

I have no fixed time for my official duty as of now, i go as per the time schedule fixed by my senior officers. And whenever i am free i go collecting trashes.
I wake up at 5am…start collecting trashes around 5.30 am and take it to the dumping site which is 2 to 3 kms from town. Mininum 5 to 7 trips I do it in the morning and evening 5 to 7 trips again. And when i am off duty I do it whole day.

TNT: What message do you want to spread through your effort?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keep our sorroundings clean and make it beautiful and let our future generations live it beautiful.
By Zaheera Ahmed for TNT- The Northeast Today
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