Meet Assam’s Bhargav Choudhury, the winner of Al Bruno Memorial Country Guitar Scholarship in LA!

Meet Assam’s Bhargav Choudhury, the winner of Al Bruno Memorial Country Guitar Scholarship in LA!

Meet Bhargav Choudhury, the winner of the prestigious Al Bruno Memorial Country Guitar Scholarship at Musicians Institute (Los Angeles). Bhargav prefers to toil himself in divergent genres like blues, metal, funk, etc. Being a big fan of progressive rock, he aspires to play and introduce new techniques in this particular genre.  He was born and raised in Assam. No doubt, this young lad is pouring his name alongside some renowned artists of the region.

Here is Bhargav with TNT- The Northeast Today

TNT- When and how the guitar journey begin? Our readers would love to know the lamp that lit on the way of your music till here?

I started playing the guitar at the age of 14 years. Initially, playing the guitar was a hobby that I enjoyed and shared with my friends. I was influenced to play guitar from one of my classmates in middle school. The first song I learned from him was "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple. Also I started listing to western music at the age of 10, from which I got influenced with awesome riffs and guitar solos by different bands.

TNT- What sort of music you mostly enjoy working with and why? What are the underlying themes behind your music?

I am interested in a lot of different genres such as, blues, rock, funk and jazz etc. I am personally a fan of the progressive rock genre of music, although I have self-composed guitar parts and instrumental songs in a variety of musical genres. I love to write my music to create different emotions and creative musical ideas which I am working on every day to create my own style and feel in my music.

TNT- You were being awarded the prestigious Al Bruno Memorial Country Guitar Scholarship at Musician Institute. How does it feel to achieve such a big title?

I feel really blessed and honoured getting this scholarship. It was a challenge for me for this scholarship because I never played country music before I came to Musicians Institute. I like to thank Al Bruno family for donating this scholarship. Though I am not an advance country guitar player but aspire to play country music. So made my own country song, which is kind of a modern country style and was being awarded the scholarship on the basis of my song and few performances, which I really feel good and confident about it.

TNT- What do you think of the current rock scenario of Northeast India?

Since Northeast India considered as the rock capital, I think the current Northeast India scenario is really amazing, there are lot of fantastic bands doing good with their music, touring the country. There are lot talented band/musician in North East India who are really amazing but somehow they are not getting the right exposer or opportunity, I believe they should come out and share their music to world, which will help them to expand more with their music.

TNT- Who are your favorite Indian and International guitarists?

Indian Guitarist– Baiju Dharmajan, Rhythm Shaw etc.

International Guitarist– Guthrie Govan, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, BB King, Jimmy Hendrix etc.

TNT- Do you have love for any other things apart from singing to make yourself engrossed?

I love to spend time with my family and friends. I explore different food places and like to cook. Also I like to travel different places and explore world music.

Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah for TNT- The Northeast Today

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