The rise of digital politics in Northeast India

CEO, Manipur, L. Sujata Devi informed the State Legislative Assembly Election, 2020 will use eAtlas, Traccar and BoothApp applications.
The rise of digital politics in Northeast India


The Manipur bye-election has gone the extra mile in technology by implementing real-time tracking of election-related activities using different digital applications.

Database Administrator, Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Manipur, L. Sujata Devi informed that the Bye-Election to fill the Casual Vacant Seat in the State Legislative Assembly Election, 2020 will use the following applications, namely eAtlas, Traccar and BoothApp.

She highlighted that they would implement eAtlas for election planning, monitoring and real-time decision making on the poll day using geospatial technology.

It will also help in monitoring the safe arrival of the poll personnel at the respective polling stations, to capture and instantly report for incidents and alerts for EVM/VVPAT malfunction and real-time reporting which is made visible on eAtlas dashboard.

Further, she added that Traccar, an App with Global Positioning System, is being installed to Sector Officers’ mobile for tracking, accessing and reporting real-time locations on the Traccar Dashboard.

Booth App will facilitate in faster identification of voter using encrypted Quick Response (QR) code from the digital marked copy of the electors. It would reduce the queue, help in faster polling and allow error-free recording of poll turn out without manual intervention, L. Sujata Devi asserted.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) had announced the by-elections to five Manipur constituencies for November 7 and the votes polled will be counted on November 10.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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