Manipur: Teenage girl shot dead at Indo-Myanmar border town in Moreh!

Manipur: Teenage girl shot dead at Indo-Myanmar border town in Moreh!

July 23, 2017: A class IX girl student of Mt. Moreh High School,Canan Veng has been shot dead by a KNA cadre in Indo-Myanmar border town Moreh at around 5:00 am of this morning. The deceased girl has been identified as Nengneingah Khongsai D/O Letthang Khongsai of Thingphai village, currently reside at Mission Veng, Moreh W/no.1. According to her school Identity Card the girl was aged around 13.

The culprit has been identified as Seikhosat Haokip @ Sasat Haokip s/o Thanglet Haokip of Chavanhphai, Moreh. He is said to be a cadre of Kuki Natinal Army who was deputed as a personnel bodyguard of a KNA leader.
Information gather from victim`s sibling said that Seikhosat enter the house at around 5:00 am saying that he wanted to drink some water. Nengneinagh was with her younger sister in one room while her mother and her elder brother were still sleeping in their respective rooms.

Seikhosat whiped out a Pistol and pointed to Nengneingah. He also threatened the younger sister when she tried to inform her mother who was sleeping in another room. Seikhosat instantly shot Nengneingah on her forehead and fled from the scene. Victim`s mother and brother woke up at the sound of the gunshot and found Nengneingah laying dead in pool of blood. The KNA swiftly took action and apprehended their rogue cadre and handed over to Moreh police. Seikhosat is currently in the custody of Moreh police station. However the reason behind the incident is yet to be known.

Effort to capture culprit image prove futile as police forbid public, including media personels, to take the picture of the crime who is handcuffed inside the police cell/lock up.

Eranged mob began to gathered inside the police station since 7:00 am and prevented the police from ferrying the culprit towards Imphal. Meanwhile the victim`s parent and Head Master of Mt.Moreh High School rushed to police station and informed the officer concerned.

More updates on this is awaited.

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