Manipur border pillar issue: Who created the border pillar conflict and for what?

Manipur border pillar issue: Who created the border pillar conflict and for what?

Date: July 12, 2018


The Editor

The North East Today

Dear Sir,

The recent issue of border pillar number 81 and 82 has created fear among the people of Manipur after experiencing the incident of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who had completely gifted the Kabaw valley to the Burmese government as a token of peace in the year 1952. Various civil societies and the villagers of the area located near the pillar have been highlighting the facts of where the border pillar is supposed to be as compared to the recently erected pillar by the Myanmarese Government. Unfortunately, the stories and the facts revealed by the indigenous villagers inhabiting the border area are mocked as useless by the Government of Manipur. It cannot be forgotten that those villagers have been inhabiting the area even before the existence of the Government of Manipur and it could also be asked as to how many times has the government of Manipur visited these areas to ascertain facts for themselves.

Many people have visited the area to try and ascertain real facts and circumstances of where the pillar was and where it is supposed to be, however, it could be found that few government officials having less knowledge of the pillar have visited the area but not the actual people who were involved in the real demarcation of the border in the past between the Government of Myanmar and representatives of Government of India from Manipur. The statement released on 8th of July, 2018 by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs informed that the "State Government of Manipur has been involved in the entire exercise" of the exact alignment of the international boundary. Where are the officials of the Government of Manipur and India involved in the entire exercise and why are they silent still? The funny part is the central government has just pinned upon the Government of Manipur through the statement released on the 8th of July, 2018 and it clearly indicates that the Central Government does not want to be responsible, and instead,is trying to create another conflict between the people and the government of Manipur which the Government of Manipur is silent about!

Here the question arises- Who is guarding our land? Who is the ultimate responsible authority to look after it? Who must be blamed upon? Who should be liable for it? Isn't it the government or the Indian Armed Forces who are deployed in our state? As per my knowledge, they are here for the protection of the nation and people at large from external forces as India shares International boundary through Manipur with Myanmar. On the other hand why is the government of Manipur still silent and unable to provide a positive response to the people of Manipur ?

It is also very eye-opening to see our Chief Minister initiating many welfare schemes for the citizens like the mission "Go to village", "CM gi haksel gi Tengbang", "Go to Hill", etc. Then won't it be a great idea to remind the CM to add another mission called "Go to Border" in order to protect our motherland as the Central Forces have failed to do so and sometime we fear that "are central forces involved in creating the conflict having nexus with the Myanmar Army?". If yes then "We are not safe".

It is high time for people who are now part of the Government of Manipur to raise voice against those Babu's who are remotely controlling the Government of Manipur from outside Manipur before our land is sold out to other nations by creating hatred among our people. Decide now and settle the boundary dispute.

Further to remind the government of Manipur that current issues are more important and need to be solved urgently and immediately. Past will remain in the past, it can never be present. This present day will also be a past tomorrow. We cannot rewind it, likewise, if we solve our present problems now, then there won't be time to solve it in the future from getting started again. We can't go to the past and solve it.

Lastly my question to the citizen of Manipur is "Is the issue of Border Pillar a Distraction to loot the Natural Resources found in the Border Region?" .

By: Ms. Marina Konsam

Khurai Konsam Leikai

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