Louis Berger scam: Assam CID to acquire records from US

Louis Berger scam: Assam CID to acquire records from US

GUWAHATI: The Assam Police along with CID has started the process of getting the records of the Louis Berger scam from the courts in America, while a group of the CID officials already went to Goa to investigate it with the help of the police of that State.

Police sources revealed that just the archives secured from the American courts regarding the scam would be legitimately substantial and the procedure of obtaining the same has begun.

To formally acquire reports from the courts of the United States, the CID would need to first take authorization of the Central and State Governments and afterward move the US court through the court in Assam. Sources uncovered that the CID has officially moved the Union Home Ministry (MHA) looking for authorization for the same.

The Department of Justice of the United States of America has officially examined the money related dealings of Louis Berger in four nations, including India, and held the organization liable of paying influences. The organization likewise conceded for the same and apparently paid the fine forced by the Department of Justice of America.

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