KHADC set to close mining company in South West Khasi Hills
KHADC set to close mining company in South West Khasi Hills

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SHILLONG: The KHADC is all set to seize a company by the name of Maheswari Private Limited which has been operating at Weikut, in South West Khasi Hills district by tomorrow.

KHADC, E.M and in-charge Trade and Enforcement, Latiplang Kharkongngor said that during the inspection by the enforcement of the council on May 1, 2015 the company people showed the court order of the year 2013, 2014 and also misled the council people and lied to the enforcement people which was found out later.

Kharkhongngor also mentioned that according to the work order, the company got the drilling permission only for Wahkut and Porkut of Nongjri but the company carried and illegal mining at Weikut, Nongkulang village which is 9 km away from these two places.

"The company kept the application for the renewal of Licence for Wahkut and Porkut but carried the drilling in Weikut which is totally illegally" he said adding that the company also got the land agreement from the Nongbri clan without the Council knowledge.

He further alleged that the company has no proper document like land agreement, village NOC, clan NOC, etc.

He said that an executive order has been passed by the council to cancel the license of the company, adding that the company has misled the council and has also violated the work order.

He mentioned that the council will also summon the Syiem and clans for giving NOC to this company without the council knowledge.

He further said that this company first got the trading licence on August 28, 2009 for operating the Civil Mining Drilling in East Khasi hills, West and Ri-Bhoi and the same was renewed for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.

He also informed that after several complaints from various NGO's, political parties etc, for the Uranium drilling by the company, the District Council asked the company to provide the document within 60 days in the year 2011 which the company failed to provide which led the District Council to serve the company a closure notice to stop the drilling and also cancelled the license.

But in the year 2013 the company approached the High Court  which directed renewal of this company license for the year 2013, 2014, Kharkongngor said adding that the court ordered to give the license renewal since it was already renewed in the year 2011, 2012.

The company submitted the application for renewal of trading licence for the year  2014-2015 along with enclosed documents of land owners  and NOC from Dorbar Kur(clan) Nongtynger and also from Drbar Shnong and Syiem Hima Nongstion.

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