Inventor of World’s First Bongo Guitar creates a bridge through prayer


A prayer song on "The Lord's Prayer" featuring 94 artists in 25 Indian languages was released on August 14.
Dr. Benny Prasad, who initiated the project believes that prayers are an "invisible and invincible weapon" that can help us overcome all odds.

"For those suffering Depression, it is a constant struggle that goes on in the background, as they go about smiling in their everyday lives. It is of immense help to be there for them," said Dr. Benny.

The project also is educational; highlights the diverse culture and languages that India represents, especially in the Northeast he added.

Dr. Benny Prasad is a musician in Youth with a Mission (YWAM). He is a World Record Holder of being the Fastest Person to travel to 245 Countries (194 Sovereign & 50 Dependant & Antarctica) in 6 years, six months & 22 days. To his credit, he is also the inventor of the World's First Bongo Guitar.

Above all, with the project wishes hopes in the lives of people who are undergoing mental suffering and hardships due to the pandemic, he further added.

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