HSPDP vice-president Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit satisfied with fresh notification on MUDA Building Bye-Laws

HSPDP vice-president Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit satisfied with fresh notification on MUDA Building Bye-Laws

SHILLONG: HSPDP vice-president has expressed his satisfaction on the fresh notification issued by the State Government on the areas to clearly define the urban centres where the MUDA Building Bye-Laws will be applicable.

"As per the assurance which was given to us, the Government on Tuesday has published a fresh notification on the areas which the MUDA building bye-laws will be applicable," Basaiawmoit said while addressing newsmen here on Wednesday.

The notification issued on Tuesday partially modified the January 5 notification of the Meghalaya Urban Development Authority (MUDA) which had come under criticism since it covered rural areas also.

As per the MUDA notification, the Statuary Towns (STs) under Shillong Municipality and Shillong Cantonment will come under Meghalaya Building Byelaws, 2011. The Shillong Municipality will comprise areas under South, West, East and North Shillong constituencies.

Moreover, the Census Towns (CTs) which will fall under the purview of the Building Byelaws include Nongthymmai, Nongmynsong, Pynthorumkhrah, Mawpat, Mawlai, Umlyngka, Lawsohtun, Umpling, Madanriting and Nongkseh.

"We need the building bye-laws throughout the State and the Government has agreed to bring two sets of building bye-laws which will be applicable in the urban centers and rural areas. We have also seen that out of the 174 square kilometers under Greater Shillong Master Plan, the Government has decided that the building bye-laws will be applicable only within the radius of 50 square kilometer," the HSPDP president said.

He feels that it is victory of his group since they had been advocating on the need to have a separate bye-laws for the rural areas.

Besides to define the jurisdiction on the applicability of the Meghalaya Building Bye-Laws, 2011, Basaiawmoit said that they have also discussed on the difficulties which are there in the bye-laws of MUDA.

"The Government in principle has assured to remove all the problems which are faces by the people in view of some of the provision specified in the bye-laws," he said.

The HSPDP vice president said that they have spoke about occupancy certificate which cannot be applicable to the indigenous Khasi population.
"We are aware that the indigenous Khasi population constructs their houses in phase manner. It will not be possible for them to give the completion certificate to obtain the occupancy certificate from MUDA. None of the Khasi population would be able to construct their houses house if the Government insists on the completion certificate to avail the occupancy certificate," he said.

He said that they have clearly made their point very clear that they are not going to accept the exorbitant fees of MUDA to avail the building permission.

"We have also mentioned about the attempt on the part staff of MUDA to delay in giving the building permission. This kind of delay also opens the door for corruption. As leaders we will tolerate any kind of corrupt practices," HSPDP vice president said.

He said that during the meeting, Mukul Sangma had even indicated that the State Government is ready to re-demarcate the areas under the Greater Shillong Master Plan which was approved in 1992.

"We would again meet the Government to discuss on the issues pertaining to the problems faces by the people due to the flaws in the provisions of the MUDA Building Bye-Laws," Basaiawmoit said.

When asked about the localities who are not satisfied with this decision, he said that they have their own MLAs who can raise their grievances before the State Government.

"It is their responsibility of the respective MLAs to take up the issues of their own people," the HSPDP vice president said.
He however said that he knows that there are doubts among a section of the people in the support of the group led by him to the MUDA building bye-laws.

"There is also an attempt to mislead on the stand taken by them. We have also learnt that they is an attempt to misinterpret that we are helping to expand the areas under municipal through the issue of MUDA. I want to make it very clear that our discussion is specific only with the MUDA building bye-laws. We are raising this issue since we strongly oppose the attempt of MUDA to expand its jurisdiction outside the urban centers," Basaiawmoit said.

He said that they have also made it very clear before the State Government that it should clearly specify about the areas falling under the urban and rural.

"It is for this specific reason that the Government has come up with this notification where it has clearly specific the areas which are clubbed under the urban centers," the HSPDP vice president added.

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