Updated list of voters’ turnout in the Meghalaya ADCs By-polls!

Updated list of voters’ turnout in the Meghalaya ADCs By-polls!

SHILLONG: With all the 6 constituencies to the KHADC and 1 to the JHADC going to poll on Tuesday (December 13), TNT News brings to you an update into the latest voters turnout in the ADCs By Polls. Reports states that War East, a constituency in West Jaintia Hills is leading the way with over 65 percent voters turnout till 1 pm.

Here is a break up:

East Khasi Hills – 45.2 percent till 4 pm

Constituencies includes — Nongkrem- 45.48% (20077 voters), Nongspung-Sohiong- 42.92 %  (24314 voters) and Laban-Mawprem – 49.4 % (11268 voters).

West Khasi Hills – 56.29 percent till 2 pm. 

Constituencies includes — Rambrai-Jyrngam- 48.5 % (24581 voters), Pariong-Mawthadraishan- 58 % (32249 voters) and Mairang- Nongkhlaw- 62.32  (34055 voters).

When contacted, deputy commissioner of West Khasi Hills informed that they are only able to collect the latest info which is 22.2 percent voters' turnout till 1pm only from some polling station and not all, owing to the connectivity problem and poor network in the region.

War East (West Jaintia Hills) —  crossed 75 percent till 2 pm. There are some polling stations which have already crossed 90 percent. 

Constituency includes — War East (6739 voters).

The lone seat to Jaintia Hilla Autonomous District Council– Closes at 87.50 percent.

Candidates and their respective parties:

Nongkrem: Edarstar Lyngdoh Nongbri (KHNAM), HS Shylla (UDP), Hubert Ford Riang (HSPDP), Lamborsing Nongrum (Congress) and Mamiry Nongkhlaw (BJP), the lone woman candidate.

Nongspung-Sohiong: Nathaniel Osbert Rymmai (INC), Samlin Malngiang (HSPDP), Kyntiewborlang Syiemlieh (BJP), Wankupar Syiemlieh (UDP) and  Pret Mawlong (Independent).

Laban-Mawprem: Allowis Dohtdong (Independent), Bankhrawsing Kharbuli (KHNAM), Banrikupar Wahlang (HSPDP), Frederick Joplang Lyngshiang (UDP), Hubert Marbaniang (BJP) and Ricky Shullai (NCP), Sanbor Shullai's nephew.

Rambrai-Jyrngam: Kimfa Marbaniang (Congress), World Champion Paliar (HSPDP), Denestar Pariong (BJP) and Morningstar Tympuin (UDP).

Pariong-Mawthadraishan: Ionis Lyngdoh (Congress), Blandingstar Warjri (HSPDP), Thunder Warjri (BJP) and Pyndapbor Lyngdoh Marshillong (KHNAM) and Jambor War (UDP).

Mairang- Nongkhlaw: Councellor Sing Wahlang (BJP), Alexander Kharsyntiew (HSPDP), Lambok Nongrang (Congress) and Equator Nongrang (UDP).

War East: Former JHADC chief Lamdibok Sumer (Congress), Losing Lakuna (Independent), Firstborn Manner (UDP) and Smenlang Kyndait (BJP).

Polling stations and total number of voters

There are 232 polling stations for KHADC and 18 forJHADC. There are 1,46,544 voters for KHADC and 8,739 for JHADC.

The parties vying for the 6 KHADC and 1 JHADC seats includes -Congress, UDP, HSPDP, BJP, KHNAM and Independent candidates.

The polling has ended at 4 pm today.

More updates to follow…

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