Guwahati model found dead in her apartment

Guwahati model found dead in her apartment

GUWAHATI: In yet another shocking news, Sweety Boruah, a popular model and actor from Guwahati was found dead in her apartment in Bora Service area in Guwahati on Wednesday.

Sweety Boruah used to live with two of her sisters. She was found dead by her sister at around 12 pm on Wednesday.

The family members have accused that one Neel Nibaran Lahkar, an employee of Railway department has killed the model. They have accused that Neel Nibaran Lahkar used to come to her apartment often without her consent and had been expressing his love for the model.

"The guy was in our apartment last night. He came at 10pm. Sweety and Neel Nibaran were talking in another room. I went to sleep at 12am. In the morning, I found that the door of her room was open. But I thought I would wake her up after I return from my tution class. When I returned from the class at 12 in the noon and went to her room I found her dead. There were deep injury marks in her face and other parts of her body".

Notably, Sweety Boruah was married to one Dhrubajyoti Boruah and has an eight-year-old child. Her husband stays in Dergaon of Golaghat due to work related reasons.

"This guy had been forcing her to accept his love for the last six months. But Sweety did not accept that. He is a psycho. He used to threaten her that he would kill himself if she did not accept his love. I am sure he killed Sweety."

"Sweety had a fight with him last night. She went up to her sister who was sleeping in another room and said that Neel Nibaran Lahkar  was disturbing her a lot. Her sister then asked her to sleep with her. But then the guy came in the room and took her out of the room," said her sister.

The watchman of the apartment has also revealed that Neel Nibaran Lahkar went out of the apartment at around 2am.

"She was married with a kid. How can she accept the love of another man? This man had been harassing her a lot for the last six months," said aunt of Sweety whose daughter also used to live with Sweety Boruah.

Sweety Boruah was recently seen in advertisements of NRC issued by Assam government. She was also a Calender Girl for many big companies.

The body has been sent for postmortem. Investigation is on and police said the reason of Sweety Boruah's death can be ascertained after the report comes in. Forensic test has also been conducted to nab the murderer.

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