Gurgaon sex racket update: Police alleged of defaming NE women

Gurgaon sex racket update: Police alleged of defaming NE women

Northeast helpline  is seeking clarification from Gurgaon police for arresting 4 NE ladies in allegedly charged of sex trade in spa in Gurgaon.

NESCH(NE HELPLINE) team lead by its founding member&general secretary Dr Alana Golmei, media in charge Mr Lalbruce and executive members Ms Chochon and Mr Edward K.Zou met the Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon Police (East Gurgaon), who is also the Nodal Officer of Northeast in Gurgaon Shri Deepak Saharan at his office.

NESCH strongly voiced and sought for clarification from Gurgaon Police for blindly branding Northeast women as PROSTITUTES, which have been viral in social media in a distasteful way.

The truth that the NESCH gathered is only four Northeast girls were arrested on the pretext of allegedly serving illegal flesh trade. "But we met them and even the police did not want them to be taken into hospital for medical examination", quoted one of the members

"Then why in social media and media outlets, it flashed under the caption: "12 NE GIRLS ARRESTED BY POLICE FOR FLESH TRADE/PROSTITUTION IN GURGAON CITY." The truth is 25 people  were arrested, including 15 females and only four females belong to NE State-Manipur (they were receptionists) and two from Mizoram (as therapists). Then where are the remnants? Why only NE names to be put up in the media?" said the NESCH members

The four Northeast women have been visited by NESCH and recorded their statements, which was very contradictory from the version of Gurgaon Police of Sec 29). Even the DCP East Gurgaon clarified that he did not mention in that way, but submitted the names of the arrested persons to the Nodal Officer of Northeast, Delhi Police.

The NE women's image have been now tarnished and damaged by Gurgaon Police, not only this has the whole Northeastern region been painted into a red light shadow but this has included the citizens of Darjeeling as well.

"Who have to pay for the price of collateral damage on us?" said one of the members of NESCH

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