Govt notification on women dress code in Mizoram
Govt notification on women dress code in Mizoram

AIZAWL: With a sincere attempt to resuscitate the customary Mizo clothing, the Mizoram government following a decision taken in the Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl's (MHIP) twentieth General Assembly, has sent a notification to its female representatives to wear the customary dress Puan, in any event twice in a week.

The notification indicates the use of Puan, a conventional clothing of Mizo women which is a wrap around skirt. The men however have not been issued any directive on the clothing to be worn.

The MHIP website lists five different types of Puan:

Puanchei: a wrap around skirt.

Kawrechi: the pullover by and large made of cotton.

Ngotekherh: a wrap around initially implied for men however now worn by men and ladies alike.

Hmar am: A little hand woven material of hand-spun cotton and indigo color.

Cyhna Hno: A weaved silk material of the local occupants of Mizoram, Mar.

(TNT News)

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