Gogoi greets people of Assam on Rongali Bihu

Gogoi greets people of Assam on Rongali Bihu

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GUWAHATI: Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has greeted the people of Assam on the occasion on Rongali Bihu today. The Chief Minister appeared in Latasil Bihu function in Guwahati with his wife Dolly Gogoi.

Gogoi said, "I hope the new year brings health and happiness for the people of the state."

The Chief Minister who never fails to give a humorous touch to his speech also mentioned that he has also taken a bath with grinded turmeric as it is a tradition of Rongali Bihu. A cheerful Tarun Gogoi said, "I am not applying any artificial cream in my face. I have just taken a bath with turmeric and I am feeling great."

The popular Rongali Bihu festivities have already soaked the greater Assamese community. As thousands throng shopping arcades and garment stores, many enthusiasts are getting ready for the Assamese New Year revelry with hussori rehearsals for stage performances.

Traditional Assamese food like the til pitha, til ladu, chira, akhoi, muri, doi, pitha, gur, hando guri, narikol pitha, narikol ladu, otenga, posola, amroli, pani tenga, kumol chaol, bora chaol, are also on offer at almost all cafeterias, confectioneries, bakery kiosks and restaurants in Guwahati. Rural vendors are also seen doing brisk business on the roadsides, selling these foodstuffs to the people.

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