GNLA senior cadre surrenders and gives camp insights

GNLA senior cadre surrenders and gives camp insights

TURA: A GNLA senior cadre and General Camp Commander has deserted GNLA and surrendered before the SP, EGH in the presence of Church elders.

Sengrak M Sangma, @ Ranggam, GNLA Camp Commander joined GNLA in April 2011 and got trained. Ranggam today ran away from Sohan's camp and surrendered before EGH SP.

Ranggam revealed that many GNLA leaders and many Cadres are ready to surrender but they were kept under tight security and death threats by Sohan himself.

Intense police operations have helped him to run away from Sohan Camp today early morning.

He got disillusioned with the way GNLA disintegrated due to senseless killings, kidnappings, extortions and raping of many women in the villages. Rakkam, Finance secretary, from Nongal Command, narrowly escaped when police raided his camp in Duraband while he was raping a girl. The girl ran away naked from him due to police operation, he revealed. Sohan did not punish Rakkam for his indiscipline as Rakkam is from D Shira clan. This is happening in GNLA, he disclosed.

These women are scared to come to police for complaining due to fear of GNLA.

All GNLA leaders have many concubines. Whichever village they go, each leader compels village women to sleep with them.

He waited for an opportunity to run away from GNLA camp. Today he did that.

"Sohan kept all the money collected by GNLA. His wife and close Mahari is keeping all the money collected by GNLA. We all working like slaves for Garoland, but Sohan and his family has kept all the money collected by GNLA"

Sohan has also kept all the weapons with him buried somewhere in Durama for selling them to others when they finally comes overground.

He has no knowledge where the weapons buried by Sohan. He also stated that huge money which runs into many crore is kept and buried somewhere in Durama. Only Sohan's relatives and family knows where it is buried.

Also, in the General camps, all the cadres were brainwashed that  police would kill any GNLA cadre if surrenders to Police. This is afalse propaganda by Sohan D Shira to prevent cadres running away from him and surrender to police.

Many GNLA cadres will surrender soon, he disclosed.

(TNT News)

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