For peace sake, Go back Tibetans! — By Halley Nongmaithem
For peace sake, Go back Tibetans! — By Halley Nongmaithem
This 'Dalai Lama Strategy' is the most ridiculous chest thumping foreign policy. India-China relationship sans conflict is important in this 'Asian Century'. India can bargain her territory in Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh in return. It is as simple as that.
It should be a known fact that there are majority and minority communities in every country. There has to be an understanding and acknowledgment between the dominant and the marginalized community and the ideal way is to compromise on both sides so that the two meets somewhere halfway. Nevertheless, there has always been some certain level and small doses of assimilation by the people living in the peripheral region for the orthodoxy of the country. That doesn't mean that one should run away from their country. Sorting the differences out between themselves without washing dirty linen in public (in this case, in International arena) is the ideal responsibility of any citizen.
Also, the Tibetans are taking a toll on India's wealth. Why not, instead, give the Majnu Ka Tilla settlement in Delhi to the Northeastern Indian people who are Indian by birth? Why to loiter money to the people who refuse to be Indians and prefer being refugees even after almost 60 years of their exodus?
India is not a country of plenty. Whilst her countrymen are hatching ideas of secessionism, she can't afford to give freebies to the freeloaders. Not only it is important to send back Tibetans to lessen the unnecessary external conflicts with China, it will lessen the internal conflicts and can bring much needed peace to the northeastern Indian people.
Why should the Northeastern Indian people struggle to pay rent while the Tibetans have an easy way out in the national capital and other mainland region? Give the Northeast Indians- Majnu ka Tilla. Also it is a fact  that many Tibetans gets offended when they are mistaken as  Manipuris and Nagas. Why? First accept the citizenship, respected Tibetans and the civil society won't question about the land holdings which is worth unimaginable number of rupees.
Dear GOI, first look after the marginalised Indians.Why spend multi-crores on Dalai Lama and the refugees while the Northeast Indians have become an intolerant lot of the racism meted out in Delhi and elsewhere.Giving a Majnu Ka Tilla  settlement in cities would help a great deal in  forming a community and lessen the Northeast Indian's pain of paying rent in Indian cities.
Also, imagine Northeast Indian 'revolutionary' leader being openly sheltered in China. Beloved country of mine, put yourself in other's shoes and see.
It is a humble ranting and appeal to the Tibetans refugees to stop being choosy and finicky. Atleast the Tibetans share the same Mongoloid race and East and South East Asian moorings with China. There are more than 50 minorities in China and they for whatever maybe the reasons have no major complaints as big enough to run away from their country.
The Northeastern Indians are so different from the mainland in terms of race,culture, faith, way of life and thinking, living in the midst of Afspa and racism. Yet, the northeast people didn't run away and are fighting day in and day out for a better place for themselves in a country they call theirs.
Every country is different. As the Tibetans is said to have stood for peace- for peace sake, go back and learn to adjust accordingly.
To the dear Indians in power, be pragmatic, be concern, put fellow Indians first and love your countrymen foremost.
By Halley Nongmaithem
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