FACT CHECK! Hand-sanitizers can cause Cancer; Really?

FACT CHECK! Hand-sanitizers can cause Cancer; Really?

FACT | JUNE 04, 2020:

With false information storming various social media platforms, there's a rumour mongering on social media claiming that handsanitizers can cause cancer. The headline of the news piece read: 'Sanitizers are dangerous and people should use apps. The study has revealed that risks of skin cancer increase after using hand sanitizers for 50-60 days'. The fake news seem to have also attributed the claim to Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

However, the Health Minister refuted all the claims and also issued 'no warning' on the use of hand-sanitizers.


Meanwhile, doctors have clarified that a handsanitizer made of 70% alcohol has no link to the lethal disease such as cancer as sanitizers vapourize in a short period of time. When water is available, one can always avoid handsanitizers and also avoid it before consuming food with bare hands.

The use of both hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol and soap are effective mechanisms to prevent COVID-19 infection.

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