Now browse Facebook pages in Assamese

Now browse Facebook pages in Assamese

GUWAHATI: Assamese Facebook users had something to cheer about as they will now have the option of viewing their pages in Assamese after the language has been enlisted among more than 100 other languages in the language setting of the popular social network.

Language experts have hailed this move by Facebook in keeping Assamese as the preferred language of communication in the cyber world.

Pastor Aziz-ul-Haque of the Guwahati Baptist Church, one of the leading figures in the state striving for the inclusion and slot of the Assamese language in the UNICODE Standard, while speaking to newsmen appreciated the move by Facebook and said that this could have been made possible because of UNICODE.

"It is a great thing that has happened to the Assamese language. And it happened only because of UNICODE. Now, we can write and communicate on Facebook in Assamese. The next step would be on inclusion of Assamese in Twitter and Google," said Haque.

The US-based Unicode consortium is a non-governmental body that has a standardized Universal Character Set (UCS).

The USC defines, in one place, the characters needed for writing the majority of living languages in the world on computers.


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