Discovery Channel to telecast Nagaland and Sikkim

Discovery Channel to telecast Nagaland and Sikkim

NorthEast India with its pristine natural beauty and people have always enthralled tourists not only in India but tourists as well.

Some parts of the northeastern region remains virgin and intact, mysterious but one of the most beautiful and God gifted regions of the country.

Discover Channel in its new series #GONORTHEAST is going to transport its viewers to an all new level of these magnificent states. The journey to the northern region also covers the Himalayan state, Sikkim.

The eight-part series #GONORTHEAST explores places, customs, diverse landscape and the multitude of life that lives there. According to sources #GONORTHEAST explores places, customs, diverse landscape and the multitude of life that lives there.

In each episode, popular television actors Varun Mitra and Aalekh Kapoor take a stop-over to meet some of the most charismatic characters, relish authentic cuisines, experience myriad cultures and indulge in raw adventures that these lands have to offer.

Nagaland, home to diverse indigenous tribes, with festivals and markets celebrating the different tribes' culture the magnificence of its beauty and passion of its people, on #Gonortheast will air on December 31 at 10 PM on Discovery Channel.

Varun begins his Nagaland journey by attending the annual Tuluni festival of the Sumi Naga, one of the 16 major tribes of the state. The harvest festival is celebrated as a mark of Thanksgiving and to invoke blessings.

Further, he also participates in rituals like the Aphilokuwo – a war dance that involves combative-style steps with gestures communicating aggression and valor. One dance follows the other.

Varun is also invited to a Sumi Naga experience, where the bridegroom-to-begets invited to his in-laws' house for a traditional meal. Further, he jams with Alobo Naga, who leads the four-member pop-rock group Alobo Naga & The Band.

Varun also tries his hand on an all-terrain vehicle or ATVs which have become popular to tackle difficult terrains in the state. He also visits The Kohima War Memorial, which was built in remembrance of the British and Indian soldiers who perished while battling the Japanese during the Second World War, the updates stated.

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