Delinquency of tribal funds in Nagaland

Delinquency of tribal funds in Nagaland

NAGALAND: Bringing to light the alleged mismanagement of funds meant for the welfare of tribes of Nagaland, an RTI activist has urged the Nagaland Governor to initiate an inquiry and bring justice to the people of Nagaland.

In a letter to the governor, the RTI activist T. Swu said an RTI response dated September 22nd 2015 revealed "some of the astounding facts of mismanagement by planning department, government of Nagaland."
The activist stated that out that the amount released by the Central Ministry of Tribal Affairs and the amount released by the planning department did not point out the missing/unaccounted amount of Rs.424 lakh.

According to the activist, no awareness was created to the people to avail the benefit and therefore only those people who managed file in question were aware of the funds and hampered the progress and development of the state.
Alleging that equilibrium was not maintained in terms of funds distribution, the RTI activist told that out of 17 recognized Naga tribes only few tribes/districts benefited.
Further, stating that the progress reports provided through RTI response was questionable as physical verification had been made, the activist urged the governor to do the needful and verify spots to observe whether the works have been done.


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