Delhi police arrives in Guwahati seeking custody of Anil Chauhan

Delhi police arrives in Guwahati seeking custody of Anil Chauhan


GUWAHATI: A team Delhi police has arrived in Assam seeking the custody of vehicle lifting racket kinpin Anil Chauhan. The police team has arrived in Azara Police Station of Kamrup Rural (District), where a case of car lifting has been registered against the car lifter. At present Anil Chauhan is in the custody of Guwahati Police.

70 cases of car lifting have been registered against Anil Chauhan in different police stations of Delhi.

Chauhan is also wanted in a host of cases that include murder, gun running and smuggling of animal parts. He was arrested along with his accomplice Mamud Choudhry,  by the Guwahati Police, on 3rd April while the duo has cases registered against them in many cities all across the country.

Incidentally, Chauhan had been arrested by Meghalaya Police in August, 2010 for his involvement in a series of car thefts in the State. Chauhan was arrested with three others for involvement in car-lifting cases and during search police recovered number plates, flat keys and other equipment from their possession. Earlier in the same year, Assam Police also had arrested Chauhan and one of his associate Munir Ali Lashkar from a hotel in Silchar, based on information provided by Meghalaya Police.

Anil Chauhan had links with racketeers in Mumbai, Delhi and other cosmopolitan cities and car lifters regarded him as their 'Godfather' for his expertise in car lifting and running the racket. A murder case is also pending against Chauhan, who hails from Dispur in Assam. He is also said to be involved in other criminal activities, including car lifting in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.During his thieving stint in Shillong, Chauhan and his gang were particularly interested in stealing Boleros as compared to other vehicles.

On the other hand, Congress legislator Rumi Nath who was arrested early this morning has been taken to Chief Judicial magistrate's Court for further investigation. Reportedly, Anil Chauhan had gifted a stolen BMW car to MLA Rumi Nath few months back. She is arrested under sections 120(B), 420, 212 of the IPC, which stands for criminal conspiracy, cheating and harbouring offender.

As per Police, the modus operandi of Chauhan and his accomplices in is that they would first move around a city to carry out a recce in order to identify potential Boleros that could be stolen. Once a Bolero was spotted and decided upon, the car-lifters used a flat key to open the fuel tank of the vehicle and copy the design of the original key. Then the car lifters would use special equipment to make duplicate key on the spot before speeding off with the vehicle. Once the vehicle is successfully stolen, the gang would keep the vehicle in different locations for at least four hours to avoid suspicion. During this period, the car lifters would also change the number plates and make minor changes in the chassis and engine numbers. The stolen vehicles would then be handed over to the financer of the whole car-lifting operation for supply to the respective destinations.

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