‘Anupam committed suicide over marriage proposal rejection’

‘Anupam committed suicide over marriage proposal rejection’

GUWAHATI: Rimjhim Das, girlfriend of deceased BCCI scorer Anupam Das claimed that the cricketer had committed suicide in her house as she rejected his marriage proposal.

Rimjhim Das, an advocate by profession, said, "We had been in a relationship for the last four years. For the last few months, we had fights between us regarding some issues. He came to my house today in the middle of organising a cricket match and we had lunch together.

"During lunch, he proposed me for marriage. But I rejected it and said that I do not want to get married to him. At this, he became very angry and started hurting himself with a knife. Soon he fell down and collapsed."

Anupam Nath, aged 32, was found lying in the stairs of his girlfriend's house in Shantipur area of the city on Tuesday. Post mortem of the body has been completed and the report would be available on Wednesday said the hospital authority.

On the other hand, father of Anupam Nath, has claimed that Rimjhim Das has cold bloodedly Anupam Das. "It is a cold blooded murder. The girl was asking for a car from my son and as he could not give it, she wanted to end the relationship. So she murdered him after planning it carefully."

Subhas Das, a friend of Anupam Das while talking to newsmen said, "He had cut marks all over his body. There were deep marks below the neck and in the chest. I do not think it's  a suicide. It looks like a perfect murder.

Rimjhim Das, who is currently under police custody, was produced in the court right after the incident came to light. Police sources say, police is seeking her remand to have a thorough investigation into the sensation death of the promising cricketer.

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