CPI steps up to make its presence felt in the NE
CPI steps up to make its presence felt in the NE

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SHILLONG: Rallying its forces to popularise its political existence, the Communist Party of India (CPI) is setting up a coordination committee in the North East to gain support and logistics of their political operations in the region.

"We are setting up a coordination committee in the North East to broaden our base," informed General Secretary of CPI, Sudhakar Reddy today soon after his state party meeting in Shillong.

Acknowledging the meek existence of the Party in the region Reddy said that a lot of work needs to be done to improve their welfare and setting up of the coordination committee is one of their initiatives in this area.

"The problem of North East is different and the national parties have not been able to address the issue appropriately," said Reddy adding that the coordination committee will be tasked to identify the problems, list them and work on it."

Elaborating more on the spectrum of issues discussed in the meeting, Reddy said that the CPI is committed towards bringing development to the North East and their prime focus is the problem of connectivity.

It may be recalled that in Meghalaya the CPI has been putting up candidates since 1972 for both Assembly and Lok Sabha polls, creating a record of sorts, but could not break the jinx.

Meanwhile, the CPI GS has slammed both the Congress and the BJP party for their pro-corporate policies stating that these policies are only make the rich richer and the poor, poorer. "The Modi government is working overtime to satisfy the needs of the multi-national corporate houses and care less about the needs of the peasants and the poor people," Reddy said.

Referring to the Land Bill as anti-farmers, Reddy said that the government is only depriving the people the right to claim ownership of their lands. According to him, in these 23 years, out of 31 crores of acres of agricultural land, about 7 crores acres of land which is 22 percent of the total land are alienated and this will not only affects the food production but also employment of many farmers and peasants.

"We are opposing the coming up of industries in our country but if the government is keen in bringing development by inviting investors then it should opt for wasteland rather than agricultural land. In this way, it's a win-win situation for all," Reddy said.

In line with this, Reddy informed that the national party is organizing an agitation programme on May 14 and as many as 3 lakh people are expected to participate in this programme.

Earlier, the Meghalaya State unit of CPI had adopted five resolutions to tackle the prevailing problems in the state. The resolution includes–NGT ban, 6th Schedule, law and order situation in the state, border dispute and influx problem and infrastructural development in the state.

While commenting on law and order situation in the state particularly in Garo Hills, Reddy pointed that the alleged nexus between politicians and militants should be taken seriously by the government because of which the ordinary citizens are deprived of the many funds meant for development.

"Despite NGT ban on coal mining in the state, reports have surfaced that mining is still on in several pockets of the coal belt areas of Jaintia Hills and this only goes on to say that the ordinary contractors or miners are backed by politicians and bureaucrats including militants which affirms the nexus between the trio", Reddy alleged.

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