Christmas is Coming! X-Mas songs you’ll never get tired of listening

Christmas is Coming! X-Mas songs you’ll never get tired of listening


It's that time of the year again when everyone is looking forward to spending their winter season in the most memorable way. It's November already and from this month on wards; Christmas songs are becoming ever more inescapable. You'll hear them at any Christmas party, while you're doing your Christmas shopping, and pretty much any time you turn on a TV or radio.

Here is a list of 5 Christmas songs/tunes you'll never get tired of listening to

Hits of Boney M

How can this festive season be polished off without songs by "Boney M"; their songs cease to go off style and continue to bring a smile to your face everytime you play them. They serve as a reminder that Christmas is HERE.

Jingle bells

Christmas isn't Christmas without this song; the soothing sound of the bells, drums is just enough to calm you and give you the "Hey it's Christmas" feeling.

Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer

This song has always been an all-time favourite not only among children but adults too. Again this Christmas, I am sure this will be one of the songs added in your playlist.

Silent Night

One of the most played song globally — Silent Night has been capturing hearts of many since ages. Let me tell you, due to its popularity, this song has been translated into different languages, in dozens of musical styles, from heavy metal to blues; "Silent Night" has become a perennial part of the Christmas soundscape.

All I want for Christmas is you

This song is just the perfect song to bring out all those good old memories; hit the beat this year with your friends and loved ones.

To be continued…

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