Nagaland: Chakhesang-Sumi tribes bonded by blood

Nagaland: Chakhesang-Sumi tribes bonded by blood
PHEK: A brotherhood meet between Chakhesang and Sumi tribe was held at Phek town hall. It mark the 7th anniversary meet between the two tribes.
It is learnt that the two community have reiterated earlier resolutions and adopted a new five point resolution. One of which is stand united and be supportive of all Naga Political Groups in eradicating Naga political issues that has been there for a period of time.
Parliamentary Secretary for higher & technical education, Deo Nukhu urged all people from both community to be supportive of one another when a time comes to contrive against all odds. It should be practical and the feeling of oneness should spread to every part of the State.
Deo further laid emphasis on the need to strengthen the bond and unity among all Naga community in the State as well.
The event was also graced by Kuzholiizo (Azo) Nienu, MLA, who maintained that the main purpose behind the brotherhood meet was to strengthen the friendship and brotherhood in the region as well as to work together for the greater interest of the Nagas as a whole.
Below is the lsit of the five point resolution:
  • The meet resolved to organize brotherhood meet on regular basis once in every 2 calendar years with cultural exchange as an important feature
  • The meet resolved to encourage relationship at the grassroots level by inviting cultural troupes from brother-tribes during the important tribal festivals
  • The meet asserts that our brotherhood is God's given right and we shall strive to strengthen our relationship and moves on to higher levels with other tribes
  • The Sumi Hoho and Chakhesang Public Organisation resolved to stand for inclusiveness of all NPGs and stakeholders to find an acceptable solution to the protracted Naga political issue.
  • Resolved to re-constitute Chakhesang-Sumi Brotherhood Co-ordination Committee comprising following members: Huskha Yepthomi (Convenor); Yesonu Veyie (Co-convenor); Zhovehu Lohe; Sovenyi; Theja Therieh; Khehoshe Yepthomi; H. S. Rotokha; Hukato Shohe; president WSH; president WCH; president STH; president SKK; president CSU; president CYF; president CMA (all members) and president SH and president CPO as ex-officio members.

(TNT News with Input from Nagaland Post)

Featured Image: Morung Express

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