Centre wants to promote Nagamese

Centre wants to promote Nagamese

Nagamese, dubbed as a pidgin language taken from Assamese, Hindi, Bengali, etc. and the unofficial and unrecognised main mode of oral communication in Nagaland and also spreading to nearby states, could well become among other languages to be officially recognised. Earlier, under the Twenty First Amendment, there were only 14 languages officially recognised in India.

Later, through the Eight Schedule and Seventy First Amendment, Sindhi, Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali were accorded official recognition as languages and the list increased from 14 to 18.

According to MHA sources, the Narendra Modi government is keen to accord recognition to Nagamese as a language and constitutional and linguistic experts were on the job to prepare the required procedure. Though the origin of Nagamese is unknown, it is evident from the accounts of Lt. Bigges (Tour Diary 1841) that this pidgin language was in vogue before the British set foot in the Naga Hills. Experts were also engaged in translation of official project reports in Nagamese to the benefit of those who speak and can read Roman script.

The PMO was also keen to promote Nagamese for those at the Centre involved with projects so as to enable them to communicate with villagers across Nagaland.


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