Can Meghalaya afford to lose medical quota seats? Aggrieved parents seek answers

Can Meghalaya afford to lose medical quota seats? Aggrieved parents seek answers

TURA, Sep 3, 2017: The denial of quota admissions to students from the state of Meghalaya by medical colleges in Assam has raised a pertinent question amongst parents — Who is responsible for the mess? 

"They knew that something was amiss but still continued giving us assurances of admission even when we were being told by the medical colleges itself that there was no quota for the state of Meghalaya this year in Assam," said a bereaved parent, whose child had been preparing the entire year for the medical seat.

Blaming government officials for lack of 'seriousness' on the matter, aggrieved parents said that an absolute sham was played out in the media by uninformed secretaries and joint secretaries who just went ahead and assumed that things would be taken care of instead of taking matters seriously.

Despite the fact that Meghalaya is running short of medical professional, the current fiasco is a reflection of the lack of commitment on the part of the government in as far as the health sector is concerned, alleged a bereaved parent. "Firstly, who would take the responsibility for the current fiasco that has threatened the state of losing a part of its quota of doctors?," she questioned.

"What steps are being taken by the Government to ensure that the studies of the affected 10 students are not hampered? Has the matter been taken up with Assam and what are they now going to do? This is not the case of a thing going wrong. This is something that can destroy careers," said another aggrieved father.

"We also want to ask whether there was any information of Assam not accepting quota students and why? Did the state not intimate to the Assam government that 10 students are nominated to study in Assam medical colleges? If the answer to this was yes then why is Assam denying admission to our students" he further asked.

The parents further sought to know if the North Eastern Council (NEC) was aware of the matter as the quota was under NEC and if they were aware, then why was information not provided earlier.

"If the announcement made by HM Shangpliang is true, why are our children not being given admission under the state quota? These details have to made public as we parents have suffered due to their ineptitude," said the parent.

The parents further stated that the state should now provide details of the 77 quota seats for the state with clear details of colleges and admissions.

The aggrieved parents appealed to the state government to inquire into the matter while seeking a time bound resolution to the problem.

"Those found guilty of negligence have to be hauled up as it is the future of the children of the state at stake. A loss of 10 or more doctors for the state would be catastrophic and the state has to come up with a solution or we as parents are done for. Are the students responsible for this mess," asked the father of one of the medical aspirants.

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